National Restaurant Chains

Our restaurant food service works with national restaurant chains to develop delicious, easy-to-assemble sous vide items that lend themselves to innumerable menu applications. Restaurants rely on our fully cooked, premium foods to help them expand their menu offerings without adding staff, and achieve optimal order-to-serve times that boost profitability. The uniform excellence inherent in the sous vide process means that our dishes can be served with reliable consistency at dozens, hundreds or even thousands of locations.


  • Our chef-created sous vide foods help enhance your brand with premium menu items that deliver a consistently delicious experience, around town or around the world
  • Create inspired, signature dishes with minimal effort
  • Save on training time with our easy-to-assemble, fully cooked products
  • Our sous vide products are sealed and cooked at low temperatures, so they are naturally safe and need no preservatives
  • Cuisine Solutions is a restaurant food service that is certified to meet or exceed all industry standards for food quality and safety


  • Developed in conjunction with your team, our restaurant food service products let you expand your menu offerings without expanding your staff
  • We help upgrade your restaurant’s food experience, so you can focus on service
  • Our chef-selected ingredients and expert recipes make especially appealing Limited-Time Offer (LTO) items that command a higher price point
  • Use our products cold or quickly reheated, with minimal assembly
  • The sous vide process seals in moisture, so we can slice meats prior to cooking, saving you time and trouble in preparation
  • You can use a single product in numerous ways, minimizing prep time and waste