K-12 Schools

Our K-12 Cuisine Solutions team consults with school districts to develop delicious, healthy, and easy-to-assemble school lunch menus using our popular and convenient sous-vide products. Starting with our proven sous-vide cooking method as the basis, our experts will work with you to create a menu that meets nutritional standards, offers ease of preparation for kitchen staff, and appeals to students in search of delicious dining options. Let us help you create the perfect dining program in your school district.

A New Way to Serve School Lunch:

  • Designed to emulate the fast-casual build-your-own meal trend, Café + Teria allows students to create a nutritious meal according to their personal preferences.
  • Students select a base (grains, salad, or wrap) and then add proteins (antibiotic-free chicken breast, ground beef, or vegetarian Paneer cheese), followed by vegetables, cheeses and sauces, and finish it off with a dressing. All recipes are low in sodium, fat, and sugar.
  • A variety of rotating menu options is available, including Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Caribbean, and Indian-themed ingredients.
  • Students enjoy the independence of designing their own meals. Parents appreciate the health-conscious, on-campus option.
"It offers so many ways to personalize your lunch! I like the fact that you can choose what you put into it and that it’s not all previously made."
-Hannah Foley, Junior Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA


We Partner with You to Create Innovative Menus

  • We start with our delicious, fully-cooked sous vide products to build a lunch program that works for your school district.
  • Our K-12 team understands state- and federal-nutritional requirements and we’ll partner with you to meet these goals, while also providing students with appealing meal options.
  • We pay special attention to ensure all student preferences are met, offering protein options as both fully cooked meats and poultry, as well as a variety of vegetarian options such as cheeses and pastas and sauces.
  • Our fully cooked sous vide products are sealed and cooked at low temperatures so they are naturally safe and need no preservatives.
"Café + Teria introduces the healthy, fast-casual dining experience that teenagers love. Plus, with additional allotted amounts of vegetables, this program will likely increase their daily consumption of important nutrients."
- Bill Stablein, Cuisine Solutions’ manager of K-12 programs 


Proteins that Pair Perfectly with Your Recipes

You can also punch up your favorite recipes with these sous vide cooked ingredients:

  • Cage-free scrambled eggs
  • Sliced turkey breast
  • Antibiotic-free chicken breast pieces
  • Ground beef
  • Paneer cheese

Café + Teria Program Benefits

For Students and Parents:

  • Diverse, rotating menus prevent menu fatigue.
  • Incorporating vegetables as one of the four build-your-own meal components increases consumption.
  • A build-your-own meal experience appeals to students and allows schools to compete with popular quick service restaurants.
  • Solid nutrition offers peace of mind for parents..
  • Each meal is designed for maximum deliciousness and nutrition with a low price tag ($1.20 per meal).

For Kitchen Staff and Educators:

  • Products can be served cold or quickly reheated, with minimal assembly required.
  • The proven sous vide process seals in moisture, allowing meals to be pre-sliced prior to cooking, which saves prep time on-site.
  • A single product can be used in numerous ways, also minimizing prep time and waste.
  • The program includes training, standard operating procedures, and handling instructions via video.
  • Cuisine Solutions’ experienced chefs work with school districts on an ongoing basis to provide additional recipe ideas that work with CS products.

Rave Reviews for Café + Teria