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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Your dad was probably the one who taught you how to ride your first bike, the one who attended every school play and sports game, picked you up from your first party (and maybe turned a blind eye when you came home a few minutes past curfew), and he’s the one who has given you a lifetime of sage advice and life lessons.
 Now, it’s time to express your gratitude — and once again we’ve got you covered. We hand-picked 12 unique gifts that are sure to please any type of dad for every budget.

For the experimental dad: Joule, Precision cooker Sous Vide by ChefSteps

The world’s smallest, smartest, and sexiest sous-vide tool, perfect for sous-vide novices and veterans alike. iOS or Android required.
$199 buy it

For the meat-loving dad: 72-Hour Beef Short Rib and Wagyu Brisket Bundle

Slow-cooked in their own juices for 72 hours, this extraordinarily moist short rib features intense flavor and delicate texture — the quintessential sous-vide dish. The tender Wagyu Brisket is first seared, then slow-cooked in a Montreal Steak Seasoning blend featuring flavor notes of garlic, dill, and black pepper.
$99 (+ free shipping!) buy it

For the classic dad: Tasting room sample-sized wine bottles

Sample-sized bottles all neatly packaged in a kit so you can try a bit of multiple wines without committing to drinking a full-sized bottle. Once all bottles are sampled they are rated through Tasting Room, thus creating a personalized Wine Profile, which will help identify likes and dislikes. Available as a subscription service or a one-time shipment.
From $24.95 buy it

For the intellectual dad: Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide by Thomas Keller

Under Pressure explores every inch of sous-vide, including the ramifications of using this precision-cooking technique (once time and temperature are established, best results follow automatically) on the craft of cooking, which has always meant a potentially rewarding engagement with the possibility of failure.
$44.72 buy it

For the cool dad: Sphere Ice Mold Set

Great for all cocktail enthusiasts, this Ice Mold makes four large, perfectly round ice balls that are perfect for any beverage (get our Charred Maple Wood Tipperary recipe here).
$23.98 buy it

For the dapper dad: The Pho Big Boy Apron

It’s clean, simple, comfortable, and durable. Made with Taiwanese stretch denim, the Pho apron defies the preconception that aprons should be stale and mundane. Thoughtfully constructed in Los Angeles, the Pho Apron is a kitchen staple and chef favorite.  
$95 buy it

For the traditional dad: A cast iron skillet

Once your meat's cooked, you'll want to give it a deep brown crust to add flavor and textural contrast. There's no better way to do that than with a ripping-hot cast iron skillet.
$17.01 buy It

For the adventurous dad: Iwatani Cooking Torch

It has become the standard for kitchens everywhere. Use it to lightly sear raw seafood or meat, or put the finishing touch on desserts such as crème brulée.
$24.89 buy it

For the outdoorsy dad: Gosun Grill

Easy, fast, and delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil, or fry a meal for eight people, using only the sun.
$799 buy it

For the hands-on dad: Stainless-Steel Outdoor Cookware Set

Premium cookware with classic style but modern technology. All-Clad brings its heavy-duty cookware outdoors with a collection of grilling essential perfect for finishing off your meat in the summer sun.
$179.85 buy it

For the sharp dad: Set of Fortessa steak knives

A set of sleek steak knives combining the renowned quality and craftsmanship of Fortessa with a contemporary stainless design is the ultimate in utility. 
buy it

For the eager-to-learn dad: Online Sous-Vide classes by CREA

“Bruno’s work with Cuisine Solutions has been instrumental in the evolution of our restaurants’ cuisine and culinary techniques. In CREA, his work is now made available as an educational resource to everyone in the industry.” –Thomas Keller
$50 buy it

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