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Hash House A Go Go - Chicago Visit

Hash House A Go Go - Chicago Visit

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Most of us grew up hearing this kind of sentiment from our parents as we were greeted every morning with bowls of cereal, oatmeal and fruit or waffles if we were on our best behavior. Nowadays taking the morning meal to the next level with imaginative dishes, colorful presentation and outrageous portion sizes is no longer being left up to your typical 24-hour diner.  With brunch culture on a steady rise  - particularly for the millennial age set - restaurants of all levels around the country are adding special inserts to their menus with more egg based dishes during peak midday hours faster than you can say flapjack.

On our recent visit to Chicago, we found one establishment going as far as making breakfast and brunch the main event by serving these options during all open hours.  

And it was AMAZING!


Hash House A Go Go, located just outside of downtown Chicago, is a neighborhood favorite balancing farm to table ingredients and exquisitely prepared plates with casual dining atmosphere.  With decorations consisting mostly of metal and metal colored furniture, this eatery capitalizes on its “down home” industrial American impression, going so far as to leave exposed butch cable rigging and installing  what looked like a large metal garage door stretching across the front of the restaurant to open in warm weather months.



The Chicken House Hash was a mix of roasted red potatoes with diced scallions, tomatoes, and yellow peppers tossed with grilled, savory chicken breast.  The flavors all blended well and gave off the most wonderful aroma.  All house hashes came with two any style eggs, fresh fruit and a soft baked biscuit still steaming on the plate.


The Chicken and Waffles came stacked with two waffles, bacon, and crispy fried chicken complete with a steak knife through the center which was absolutely necessary to keep it all standing upright as it made its way to the table.  If you ever decide to try the sweet & salty flavor sensation, this is the place to do it! The chicken was nicely seasoned and juicy with crunchy breading pleasantly mingling with the sweet and thick maple syrup dressing the fluffy waffles. The bacon was… well, delicious! It’s hard to mess up bacon. And if you do, consider another career path other than bacon chef.


The Farm Scramble included a choice of French toast or waffles, seasoned potatoes and scrambled cheddar eggs. The portion size of this dish was impressive and could easily feed several people let alone one hungry individual. The French toast was stuffed with a banana pudding batter, topped with a whole banana cut in half lengthwise, and dusted with powdered sugar.  A little sweet for us, but could become a favorite for someone with serious sweet tooth.


Overall our dining experience exceeded expectations, from the appetizing dishes and amusing presentation to the friendly and attentive wait staff. We would undeniably recommend Hash House A Go Go to everyone traveling in the Chicago area seeking an outstanding meal.

As an afterthought, it’s located only a few short blocks from Lake Michigan, so an impromptu walk to the shoreline to take in the sights (or burn some calories) afterwards would not be a bad idea.


Hash House A Go Go

1212 N State Parkway

Chicago, Illinois 60610

(312) 202-0994

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