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Brushstroke in Tribeca NYC

Brushstroke in Tribeca NYC

“An artist expresses thoughts with a brush; a chef expresses thoughts through food”

                                                                              – Allison Levine, Please the Palate

Awarded a Michelin Star in its first year and a fixture on many lists for top restaurants in America, Brushstroke is where “art and food meet and the beauty of Japanese culture are translated into an extraordinary dining experience”. Joining forces with Yoshiki Tsuji, the dean of the esteemed Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Chef David Bouley has made a fearless effort to master the Japanese art of kaiseki - a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. 


Décor and ambiance

Designed in the minimalist woodsy style of a Shinto shrine, instead of curtains, the windows are inlaid with thin layers of rice paper. The main dining space has been fitted with planks of blond wood, exquisitely-carved lanterns, and a long wraparound dining counter, which give the space an airy, contemplative feel. 

Behind the counter, diners are treated to a view of the open kitchen where the culinary team skillfully executes seasonal multi-course menus - a vegetarian option and wine and sake pairings are available. Unique in their great attention to detail, meticulous presentations, and innovative creations, you’ll walk out feeling as if you were just in Japan, without forking over the airfare.


Food and Presentation

8-course Menu


Scottish Langoustine & Pacific Oyster, Uni, Caspian & Sea Osetra Caviar - Caviar is always a treat when served right. The langoustine, oysters, and uni all tasted fresh with hints of sea salt without being too fishy.

Wagyu-don Kuzu Bread with Japanese Mustard - Seared and melt in your mouth heavenly!

Toro-Tartare Kuzu Bread with Tasmanian Mustard Seeds - The intact mustard seeds were an interesting way to bring subtle tangy spiciness to the tuna tartare.



Golden Crab Chawanmushi Truffle Ankake Burgandy Black Truffle - The crab was well prepared and fluffy and the savory truffles in the aromatic jus all mingled nicely.  One of our favorites!


Sashimi Platter – A selection of 6 seasonal varieties - Top notch, tender and well marinated including an array of Tuna, Hamachi, Clams, Uni, Fluke, and Spanish mackerel. These were served with shoyu and a slightly spiced ponzu dipping sauce although the wasabi was too strong.


Akamutsu Lobster Nyumen-noodles – This dish had colorful presentation with flowers and greens on top. The broth was creamy with juicy lobster pieces and crushed Uni flakes adding a layer of richness.

Wagyu Sakura Sushi wrapped in a Cherry Leaf – Not as succulent or flavorful as we expected but had a beautiful plate arrangement.


Canadian Fuji- Pork Belly with Apple Confit & Sweet Apple Vinegar Sauce. The pork belly was juicy with excellent seasoning although the sauce was on the sweeter side.

Dungeness Crab, Maine Lobster Claw with Spring Bamboo Shoot over Donabe-Rice – Great final entrée course. The portion of rice was gigantic arriving in a pot, from which they scoop out the rice and serve you in a smaller bowl. The generous servings of crab and lobster were delicious and fresh tasting with hints of smoky undertones. 


Green Tea Ice Cream – A signature dessert, it doesn’t have the bitterness of traditional green teas but contains very sweet white chocolate without being overpowering.

Mirin Ice Cream - Baked apple and dried cranberries and Soy Sauce Ice Cream with black sugar sauce, pistachio nuts and powdered toasted soba.  The soy sauce ice cream tasted like salted caramel.



30 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

International Menu One Stop Shop

One of the benefits of sous-vide is the ability to incorporate dishes of different regions and cultures into your menu at home in less time. Our fully cooked proteins and sides make experiencing cuisine from around the world easier and mealtimes a snap! 

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