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Food by Mail, Milk by Robot, Ham by Smell.

Food by Mail, Milk by Robot, Ham by Smell.

US Postal Service to Deliver Groceries by 2020?
Junk food meets junk mail. What could possibly go wrong?

With Farm Robotics, the Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time
Robots make dairy farming a 24-hour-a-day operation—with no labor issues. As one dairyman says, “I’d rather be a cow manager than a people manager.”

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Tomatoes Like Computer Code
Led by University of Wisconsin researchers, the Open Source Seed Initiative [] is starting to make crop genetic codes open source, so food varieties can’t be patented for private profit. Food is for sharing, right?

Like Ham? There’s a Festival for That in French Basque Country
The Basque citizens of Bayonne (France, not Jersey) have a centuries-old love affair with their local ham. And every year at the Ham Fair, official judges decide the winning hams, not by tasting them, but by smell alone.

Powdered Alcohols No Longer Have Label Approvals
A beverage law expert thinks there may have been pushback from legislators wanting more info. Like, is this really such a good idea?

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