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Food Culture - Cuisine, Culture and Conflict

Food Culture - Cuisine, Culture and Conflict

Should We Really Be Worried About ‘Food Gentrification’?
When Whole Foods “discovered” collard greens, it touched off a debate about income inequality and cultural appropriation. But history shows that foods rarely belong exclusively to one culture or socioeconomic group—at least, not for long.

Gastrodiplomacy: Cooking Up a Tasty Lesson on War and Peace
At American University in multicultural Washington, DC, students are learning that cuisine is a window on a culture’s political and social history.

In Mexico and U.S., Lime Lovers Feel Squeezed by High Prices
First guacamole, now this? Mexico’s lime output is way down, forcing some growers to hire armed guards to protect their newly valuable crop from thieves.

Albert Adrià on His Barcelona ‘Culinary Amusement Park’
The renowned chef is in the final phase of realizing his dream dining destination: five restaurants offering five different culinary experiences, all within sight of each other in the middle of Barcelona. Wonder how tall you have to be?

Butter Is Back
Commenting on the recent report disputing a link between saturated fat and heart disease, Mark Bittman reminds us that the bigger story is still about eating real food, not processed junk.

Cuisine of Many Cultures.

The chefs of Cuisine Solutions hail from many cultures—one reason they can create authentic ethnic recipes. For more, see our FAQs page.

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