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The Gourmet Tailgate

The Gourmet Tailgate

For most, tailgating is a simple (though slightly uncivilized) affair: Burgers on the grill, beer in the cooler and a multitude of dips weighing down the table. But for those who crave something more, there’s a whole world of food just begging to be inhaled in a parking lot.

Check out the menu we have planned for the next big game. We took classic tailgating dishes and revamped them the way only true food lovers can. After all, a game filled with body paint, grass stains, and overpriced beer deserves one hell of a pregame.

Start with a staple.
Set the right tone for your tailgate with a Roasted Onion Dip—it’s a step up from the standard onion powder and sour cream mix. Serve with a tray of fresh, seasonal vegetables.

Now, for the main course.
At this gourmet tailgate, hot dogs and burgers become bratwursts and pulled pork. Grilled bratwursts marinated in beer literally capture the essence of the season. Serve in rolls with grilled onions and whole-grain mustard.

Next, hit ’em with your best pulled pork. Each region has a preference, so we’ll leave this one up to you. But if you want to add a chef’s touch, you’ll top it off with this Apple Asian Slaw

Don’t forget the sides.
We’ll admit it: We thought baked beans were a tried-and-true side dish not to be messed with. That is, until we tasted Honey Baked Beans. Thick slices of bacon and a touch of honey set this recipe apart. Prepare at home and heat before serving.

Potato salad is a no-cook, vegetarian option with plenty of versatility. So why would you serve something ordinary? This Potato Salad with Tarragon and Shallots absolutely blew us away. 

Turn up the sweet.
Dessert is an oft-overlooked course when planning a tailgate. In a pinch, a tray of cookies will do. But serve these mini Apple Pies and they won’t soon forget about your dessert.

Of course, beer is a no-brainer. Opt for your favorite regional brew and keep chilled in plenty of ice. But if your tailgate is part cookout, part cocktail party, try this chef-approved bourbon and SoCo sipper. And the number-one rule when it comes to drink options: Always bring enough to share with your tailgating neighbors!

So, there you have it: A rundown of our ideal tailgate. Feel free to steal our game plan. Because despite our crisp white hats and pressed aprons, the chefs of Cuisine Solutions know how to pregame.


A time-saving alternative.

No time to create artisan baked beans? Ward off mid-autumn chills with a warm batch of our Lentil Chili—a vegetarian crowd pleaser and a touchdown at tailgates. 

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